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Heather's Journal

Be Free


The Girl
Heather. 26. American. Fangirl. Music. Internet. Photoshop. Livejournal. DeviantART. Icon Maker. Graphics Lover. Harry Potter Obsesser. Chocolate. Photos. Movies.

Music: Imogen Heap. Frou Frou. The Fray. Sia. Blue October. Gwen Stefani. The Killers. James Blunt. Hard Fi. Coldplay. Death Cab For Cutie. People in Planes. Keane. P!ATD. Snow Patrol. Tori Amos. Weezer.

TV: The OC. Lost. Heroes. 24. Men in Trees. Saturday Night Live. 30 Rock. Extreme home Makeover. The Office. Extras. Scrubs. ER. PBS Documentaries. Ugly Betty.

Movies: Harry Potter. Star Wars. Pirates of the Caribbean. Memiors of a Geisha. Spiderman. X-Men. Superman. Garden State. Lord of the Rings. Jackass. Office Space. Pulp Fiction. Pride and Prejudice. Shawn of the Dead. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The Departed. Lost in Translation.

The Journal
Welcome to my personal and graphic journal! I post mostly graphics and photoshop resources..all made in photoshop cs. Feel free to explore all around! Since it's not a locked journal, you can add me without asking :) I love to make new friends!

Ever play Gaia? Check it out..it's way fun and super addicting lol
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

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Resources: To see all my resources, click here.
The Rules
I don't have many rules...
*Comment if you take something..let me know what you think :)
*Textless icons are not bases unless otherwise stated.
*Give credit where credit is due.
*Do not hotlink.

and that's it folks...enjoy your stay :)
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